Thank You!

As the organiser of the Media team it gives me great pleasure in thanking all those involved...

As you will agree the results speak for themselves!

Our aim was to capture the events and thoughts from those involved and bring them to you using digital communication tools. Here you will find podcasts, vodcasts, newsletters, and text describing the ULearn08 Conference.

I am very proud of the group of young people from a variety of schools and backgrounds, who worked as a team and added their own flavour to the media produced. Working longer hours than at school, we as a group managed to get two newsletters to the printers on time, interviewed a variety of people, took many photos, filmed important events, collected information from the trades (particularly who won prizes!) displayed the information on large screen TVs in the venue, and generally reminded the delegates why we were there at the conference. To improve education for our children!

Many thanks must go to Suzie Vesper from CORE Education who was a great asset to the group and shared her expertise with Web 2 publishing. I look forward to working with her again on the next Media Team!
Thank you to Tessa Gray without whom the second newsletter would probably not been on time!
Thanks to Melissa and her team at HP who were patient, accommodating and printed the 1,700 double sided newsletters overnight to have them ready for the delegates in the morning.
Thank you media team! Without you this would not have been possible. In particular I would like to acknowledge Daniel who organised a group of Cobham School children and asked if he could be involved with the conference again. Well done to this enterprising young man!
Thank you to the ULearn08 Conference Organisers who had the faith to put me in charge of making this all come together.

See you at the next ULearn Conference!

Paul Cathro

Paul Cathro