Okay. I'm here with Erin, a first time presenter at the Ulearn08 Conference. What was your presentation on?

I had my presentation in the first breakout and I did two back to back tasters. The first one was on Professional Online Learning Networks and the second one was on how to get started with a classroom blog.

How do you feel that your presentations went?

I think they went really well.

So you feel satisfied with the audiences reaction?

Yeah, I was really positive.

Do you think you'll be hosting any breakouts at future Ulearn Conferences?


Is there any type of areas that you would like to explore with future presentations?

Yeah, I'm really interested in collaborating with lot of other schools and looking at intergrating Web2 into all areas of the cirriculum. It's a journey that I'm on at the moment and I look forward to sharing that further into it.
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