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ULearn08 Workshops

From yesterday's morning breakouts, delegates have taken in the new concepts and idea to implement them in the classroom environment. Connecting and bringing people together online is a concept that has been discussed also in the keynotes yesterday morning.
Jane Nicholls, who co-presented "Collaborate!" in Breakout1, talked briefly about her view on how her topic effects the education community and also what she hopes delegates will take away from the presentation. She feels that it is important to embrace the new curriculum as well as to listen to the student voice. But mostly she hopes that delegates can leave her breakouts with lots of resources and ideas.
One of the delegates talked about how, from what she's learnt, she would like to create an online community. She plans to use this concept to create a community with people that have a similar purpose and interest; otherwise it will be harder to keep it running.
When interviewing several cpmference participants, there was a plesing similarity between the delegates' responses. Independently they agree that it would be effective to transfer ideas and practices into their classroom as soon as they return to their prospective educational environments.

First-Time Presenter Perspective

Let's obtain a personal insight on how it feels to give a presentation for the first time at Ulearn08, with breakout presenter Kristin Anderson McGhie.
After breakout 2b when Kirstin gave her presentation, she kindly paid a visit to our Media Team Home Base for an interview on how it felt giving a presentation at Ulearn for the first time. The presentation itself was about voicethread and how it could be used as a tool for reaching a global audience and promoting collaborative learning.

Kristin mentioned she enjoyed giving the presentation, although her nerves really got to her in the beginning. After a few minutes of the presentation, a few friendly smiles and nods started to appear from the audience which made Kirstin more relaxed and allowed her to carry on her presentation with full confidence. In the end, the presentation was a success, and went smoothly. Overall Kristin was pleased with her performance and said the only improvement that could be made next time was the pace of her delivery.

Christ College Breakouts

1st Breakout: Inspirational Moments in Teaching. I'm sure every teacher has had an inspirational moment in their time as a teacher. The Media Team asked if we could record two teacher's inspirational moments. The result: Rob Clarke was teaching some boys how to play canoe polo, and one of the boys wasn't physically able. He was the first to role and after that moment you could see his confidence going through the roof. Some of the other boys were really struggling with their own kayak role. But this kid, his face was like 'wow, I can do this', while all the other guys were struggling. 'It's just great to see them have a go,' Clark says.
2nd Breakout: Learning to Use Laptops. This breakout was demonstrating how to use laptops for different things. One of the tools that she was talking about is a tool that allows you to see another user's screen. This is called A.R.D, which stands for 'Apple Remote Desktop'.

Breaking Open the Breakouts

Two members of the media team attended the breakout session 'Showcase of the Future: The New, the Wild, and the Wacky', to better understand the sessions the delegates had been attending over the last two days. The breakout centered around several new technologies and systems, displayed by six eager presenters, glad to show their wares and ideas. The presentation opened on Jan Zawadzki showing the capabilities of Google Apps and its contents, followed soon after by Rob Clarke informing the audience of Fendalton school's Tech Wizard program. The third presenter was Roger Thomas, displaying the technical features of MacOS10. After his informative talk, Rob Clarke returned and told us all about Fendalton's digital safety policy. A maths teacher from Christ's College was then shown on the screen giving a Podcast on SmartCasts, a type of podcast utilizing the features of a SmartBoard, before Karen Hall, an Australian teacher, gave us a look into a website called 'superclubsplus', which allowed primary school children and their teachers to communicate and learn to use the internet's many forums and profile sites safely and securely. Finally, Dean Rogers showed us how to create an e-portfolio using iWeb, a feature on Apple computers. This entire session was well-organized, and each speaker competent in their material. Well done to the presenters for putting on such a concise, organized and informative display.

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