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Steven Carden
Steven Carden

Who is Steve Carden?

As a child went to Sunnyhills Primary School, wanting to be a fireman for the first few years of his life. As he completed his schooling there, he began to want to be a Jedi knight.
During his intermediate schooling he went to Farm Cove Intermediate and wanted to be a jet fighter pilot from Top Gun. After his intermediate years he went to Saint Killigain

College where he wanted to be like David Hasslehoff. For his first job he was a survey conductor. During this time he had to record twenty surveys each hour to obtain his wages. On one occasion, Steve had to get two streets of surveys done but the two streets were completely different-- one was an upmar

ket street and the other was a dodgy street. Steve thought that he would get people willing to complete the survey in the upmarket area, but instead of filled surveys, he got rejected at all of the forty houses. On the way to the next street, he completed two of the surveys in the car. As he arrived at the less favourable street he knocked on the first door and was hoping no-one would answer so he could move on to the next house, but that didn't go to plan. Instead of a lack of an answer, or being turned away, he got invited in and one cup of tea turned into three while twenty minutes turned into an hour; and afterwards, on that street he got ten surveys completed.

Wednesday's Keynote

Wednesday's keynote, delivered by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson concerned itself with the way to school system (not only New Zealand, but all of the developed world), needs to understand the way in which youth of today share themselves overs internet, so they can better educate the kids on how to do so appropriately and wisely.
This understanding is necessary from children's safety, to ensure they are not damaged by future employer's rejection and other hazards of misinformed release of their image. Will concerned himself with the filering of the internet in schools, and how protecting children from the internet doesn't teach them anything, and leaves them unprepared for the real world. While Sheryl talked about the benefits of positive distribution of oneself over the net. As the internet becomes an increasingly sheltered place for children in school, they do not learn how to deal with the responsibilities and hazards of being publicly searchable, and are ot educated in how to be safe and courteous online.
The keynote concluded with Sheryl noting that coming to an understanding of new networking technology 'will be hard', but that teachers had to comprehend the technology so as to learn how to teach safety in its use to kids. 'Change for the children', she asked the audience. And indeed, to protect the youth, we must.

Opinions on Keynote Session

I talked to Simon, a secondary school teacher, on his opinions on Wednesday morning's keynote session. "There were a lot of things in there I'm going to take back to school." When asked on his opinion of the view and ideas expressed by the keynote, he had this to say. "We [secondary school teachers] tend to be a little constrained when you [students] get into NCEA levels one, two and three... some of the idea coming out seemed to be 'oh, let the students go, just give them a topic and let them go off and evolve their learning, but NCEA is a little confstraining in that you have to have them just answer the exam papers... but then I thought that I quite like the idea of students creating blogs, not so much about what they're doing, but about answering exam questions, and then other students can look at what other people are thinking and comment on that, using the blogs."

Should delegates be on their computers during keynotes?

The media team were curious to notice the amount of people on their computers while the keynotes are speaking. This is a could be a problem because ulearn have got these key notes from overseas. On the other hand, they can use them to write about the keynote.

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