Meet the friendly faces of the Ulearn08 media team. Our team is made up of a group of students that have a stong passion for computer technology and we are willing to put out skills to the test. As the media team, our main task is to collect information about every event that occurs during the Ulearn08 conference and present it in the form of a pod/vod cast, newsletter and blog.
Due to limited amount of time and very strict deadlines, we have been working furiously in our home base. This includes rushing around the convention centre and the town hall with camera gear, interview sheets and a friendly smile, gathering personal viewpoint from delegates and any extra infromation that may appeal to you.
We are constantly heading out and looking for delegates to interview, also I might add that with every interview you also go in a draw to win an iPod Shuffle. Some of our interview questions involve personal viewpoints towards the Ulearn08 conference, what you want to achieve from being a part of the Ulearn08 Conference and how technology hads affected you personally through your career.
Our home base is located outside Hall B and is always welcome to add any advertisement, promotions to our daily newsletter. So the next time you see us around with our bring blue T-Shirts, please give a warm friendly smile if you are interested in being interviewed. We would love to get to know you.

First Experience

It takes 20 minutes to cook and prepare a meal, about 10 minutes to set up a video camera for filming and 5 minutes to make your little brother shut up. So what could possibly be achieved in 2 minutes? Apparently you can make noodles, but from my cooking experience (one with little success) just crushing the noodles and boiling the water takes twice that. So it is a big ask -even for an experienced team- to say “hello”, grab a video camera, still camera, tripod, batteries, microphone, tape, then line up the perfect angle, taking into account the light and shadow, all while getting to grips with the new environment unfolding in front of them, in 2 Minutes.

This is an ordinary moment for the 2008 Ulearn Media Team, and remember they had to do this at 8:30 in the morning when most there friends will be cuddled up, sleeping in. You might think this is torture, but for this talented team it was a laugh and a half. And if the harder they work the more they laugh, they would have wet there pants by Friday.


Daniel's First Impression

As you have seen through photos on this wiki, from the moment the Powhiri kicked off at 8:30, the media team was eagerly lining up angles, in pursuit of t he perfect shot. This is an ordinary moment for a busy team of passionate computer kids. I, Daniel, share this busy job with my 3 school-mates, we are a team, one that consists of two pairs. I am paired with William, we have started strongly, with a movie presenting the Powhiri that we filmed. I am looking forward to what the conference holds for me in terms of experience and fun. To find out more about me visit my BLOG, your comments are welcome.

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