Delegate Interviews

On this page we will be uploading interviews with delegates at the conference.

Day One

This below is a run through of the first day at U-learn and some interviews.
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Podcast Edition

Vodcast Edition

Day 2: Digital Kids Interviews

After The Keynote

An Interview with Veronika (A teacher attending U-learn08)

What do you think of the breakouts and workshops that you have attended so far during the conference?
"They have been very rewarding, practical and useful"

Have you gained new skills from the breakouts and workshops?
"DEFINITELY. They have been really good. For example I have learnt how to embed websites etc."

Are you going to take these skills back to your school and students?
"Absolutely, I think my school and pupils are really going to appreciate the new skills."

Was it worthwhile to come to this event and will you reccomend it?
"Yes and I would reccomend it to any teacher looking to further their skills and oppurtunities at any stage of their career."

Interviewed by Jono Gale

An interview with another teacher at U-learn08

What do you think of the workshops and breakouts at U-learn08?
"They are good. I am really enjoying them because they are moving with the times of technology and the key-notes are inspiring."

What new skills have you learnt as a result of these?
  • "I have learnt about blogging and how to blog
  • And how to use google applications among other things."

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