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Day 1:
Interviews (If you have fast internet then you should watch the Vodcast of this)

Make sure to come to Ulearn on Friday to see somebody get their hair shaved to raise money for breast cancer.


Opening Ceremony

Day 1:

Make sure to come to Ulearn on Friday to see somebody get their hair shaved to raise money for breast cancer.

Day 2:
Interviews (About the Keynote)

Digital Kids Interviews

Promotional Video

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Construction Zone
The Construction Zone

Out of the box

Steve Cardens's Keynote

He is a 34 year old who holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and law and arts degrees from Auckland University.
He is known for implementing humor into his keynotes and has published several critically acclaimed books, did you guess, it's Steve Carden.
His attendance at Ulearn '08 is welcomed by many teachers as he received a strong attendance at his keynote, about the changing nature of business in a rapidly globalising world impacting New Zealand's future workforce, so eagerly Daniel and William set out to find out some of the opinions from the teachers who had been observing.

One man said that he found the keynote so motivating and invigorating that 5 minutes in he decided to put his laptop lid down and listen in to what Steve had to say.
This shows that even Youtube can't match the words of Steve Carden.
Many commented on his smart humor but also his mature way of expressing it. Some of the people we interviewed feel like they're opinion was reinforced and they can now push harder to up-skill their students and prepare them for their career/job in the future workforce.

So from this we can conclude that Steve Carden is an effective communicator that gets his words through in a smart and humorous way.

Daniel's Profile

As you have seen through these photos, from the moment the Powhiri kicked off at 8:30, the media team was eagerly lining up angles, in pursuit of the perfect shot. This is an ordinary moment for a busy team of passionate computer kids. I, Daniel, share this busy job with my 3 school-mates, we are a team, one that consists of two pairs. I am paired with William, we have started strongly, with a movie presenting the Powhiri that we filmed. I am looking forward to what the conference holds for me in terms of experience and fun. To find out more about me visit my BLOG, your comments are welcome.


Daniel's Writing

The Unbelievable Unconference

Ever wondered just how those keynote speakers pick up the courage to Present to large groups of people in such a laid back way? Well we would love to teach you but that is not possible, courage does not come in a textbook, you need to just stand up and do it yourself. There is a new opportunity however, one that has never been tried at Ulearn before, if you want to pitch an attempt as a keynote speaker or just swing a blow of opinion or argument and maybe even sit in the stands as a spectator, you can be involved in some sort of way. This is the unconference, and I will explain how it works and how to get involved.

ULearn’s very first unconference will take place on Friday 10 October during breakouts 6-7. An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants during the course of the event. It is a BYO session in which delegates can introduce a topic, discuss an opinion, or share a viewpoint about a subject.
The principles of 'Open Space' unconferences are:
  1. Whoever comes are the right people.
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time.
  4. Whenever it is over it is over.

And, finally, the Law of Two Feet is a guide to people attending an unconference: "If you are not learning or contributing, it is your responsibility to respectfully find another place to be."
Remember that whoever comes to your session will depend on who is present at the time, and whatever happens on the day is meant to happen! You can attend for one or both sessions, so register now and think about what you might like to talk about, then be ready to share your ideas at the unconference!

"Hair today, gone Friday"

Each year approximately 2,400 New Zealand women and approximately 20 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. In New Zealand, women have an average risk of 11% (or 1 in 9) of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their lives. This means the chance that they will never have breast cancer is 89%. They are truly chilling facts, but it is great to hear that Louise Ellis, in a fashionably humourous style, right here at Ulearn, is putting her hair under the knife. Louise from Palmerston North is being supported by her friends, and her Primary School class at Manchester Street School, even a radio station will be there at her side! Louise does not seem nervous in any way at all, in fact her greatest worry seems to be the thought of the bright sun beaming done on that bare skin. Look out for her, she is wearing a bright pink top with the words "Hair today, gone Friday".But it does not end there, she wants you to witness it, and hopefully donate some of that money in your wallet to a cause that, as the facts indicated, is a major killer in New Zealand. So on Friday the 10th of October, at 10:30 outside the Convention Centre Entrance, be ready to pick up some hair shavings and don't forget your wallet not to mention the camera!