"Hair today, gone Friday"

Each year approximately 2,400 New Zealand women and approximately 20 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. In New Zealand, women have an average risk of 11% (or 1 in 9) of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their lives. This means the chance that they will never have breast cancer is 89%.

They are truly chilling facts, but it is great to hear that Louise Ellis, in a fashionably humourous style, right here at Ulearn, is putting her hair under the knife. Louise from Palmerston North is being supported by her friends, and her Primary School class at Manchester Street School, even a radio station will be there at her side! Louise does not seem nervous in any way at all, in fact her greatest worry seems to be the thought of the bright sun beaming done on that bare skin.

Look out for her, she is wearing a bright pink top with the words "Hair today, gone Friday".But it does not end there, she wants you to witness it, and hopefully donate some of that money in your wallet to a cause that, as the facts indicated, is a major killer in New Zealand. So on Friday the 10th of October, at 10:30 outside the Convention Centre Entrance, be ready to pick up some hair shavings and don't forget your wallet not to mention the camera!

PS. The ribbon at the top of the page is link to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation's Donation Page, remember it could be you so don't hesitate to get a cervical smear for free around New Zealand.

Louise's Haircut


A Touch of Pink

Before The Cut

Its all coming off


A Smile

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