This section is an inside view of what goes on in a day for the Ulearn08 media team. For the past two days we have been furiously working away towards difficult deadlines to produce a newsletter about what goes on during the day. Each pair is assigned different tasks to follow. Once the task is completed they are then to be handed into an adult to be printed, ready to hand out. Here are a few of the stages which we follow to complete the newsletter:

Stage 1: We set out in pairs to explore the exhibitions, and take some photos.
Stage 2: Then we rushed back to home base, and started uploading the gathered graphics onto the computers. This was repeated several times a day.
Stage 3: After we had gathered and sorted,all the graphics into separate folders, we got straight to the difficult part, writing the article.
Stage 4: After spending furious hours writing out our articles, we then proof read it before handing it in.
Stage 5: Then our work was taken in for final touch ups and then put into a newsletter layout
Stage 6: After lots of hard work and rushing around, our newsletter was printed and sent out just a few minutes before the deadline.
As you can see media work is not easy, and can be quite stressful towards the end of the day. Although it does have its fun moments, and the final product is always a pleasing sight to see, Our main purpose is to keep you informed of events, highlights and extra information that may be of interest to you. We take pride in what we do, and give our best to get our job done by the end of the day.

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